Mt Union Association of General Baptists


Prebytery Ordination Questions

Curriculum Requirements for Ministers Seeking Ordination

1. How many books are in the Old Testament?

   How many in the New Testament?

2. Name the twelve Tribes of the children of Israel.

3. Name two Prophets who prophesied of the Birth of Christ.

    Give Scripture references.

4. Name two prophets who prophesied of the death of Christ.

    Give Scripture References.

5.  Name 6 of the great leaders of the children of Israel. Beginning with Abraham.

     Name some important event that happened during their lives.

6.  Give 3 scripture references showing that prayer is enjoined in repentance.


"The Birth and Boyhood of Jesus"

1. Why is the acceptance of miracles in the necessary to a genuine faith?

2. Know the meaning of the word "Incarnation"

3. What two gospels include the birth of Christ?

4. What relation was the mother of John the Baptist to the mother of Jesus?

5. Know the difference between betrothal and marriage in Jesus time?

6. What was unusual about the birth of Jesus?

7. What did Joseph do for a living?

8. Why was it necessary for Jesus to be taken into Egypt?

9. What significant event took place when Jesus was 12 years old?

10. What was probably Jesus occupation in Nazareth?


             "John the Baptist"

1. Who were the Father and Mother of John the Baptist?

2. What great Prophet of the Old Testament has John the Baptist been compared to?

3. What was the heart of John's message?

4. Who put John to death and why?




 “Ministry of Jesus”

  1. About how long was Jesus’ earthly ministry?
  2. What are the 3 divisions of Jesus’ ministry?
  3. How did Jesus’ baptism differ from others whom John baptized?
  4. List the three temptations of Jesus.  Discuss each briefly.
  5. Name the first four disciples Jesus called.
  6. What was the first miracle Jesus performed and where did he perform it?
  7. What did Jesus tell Nicodemus would be necessary for one to enter the Kingdom of God?
  8. Where did Jesus meet a woman who had lived with five husbands, and was living with a man who was not her husband?
  9. Why was Jesus rejected in Nazareth his hometown?
  10. Be able to name the twelve disciples.
  11. What is the theme of the Sermon on the Mount?  Describe in your own words the them of the Sermon on The Mount.
  12. What is a parable?  Why did Jesus use them in his teaching?
  13. Know what Jesus said about the cost of discipleship.
  14. What did Jesus teach that the true attitude of prayer should be in Luke 18:9-14?
  15. Know what Jesus said about marriage and divorce in Mark 10.
  16. Who did Jesus say would be greatest in the Kingdom?
  17. What lesson was Jesus teaching when he destroyed the barren fig tree?
  18. What ancient Jewish feast did the Lord’s supper replace?
  19. What lesson was Jesus teaching when he washed his disciples’ feet?
  20. How did the three disciples Peter, James, and John fail Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane?
  21. There are seven sayings of Jesus form the cross.  Be prepared to name them.
  22. Who furnished the tomb for Jesus?
  23. Did the disciples believe that Jesus would rise from the dead?
  24. What was Jesus final message to his disciples? Acts 1:8
  25. To whom was the book of Acts addressed?
  26. What Gentile writer produced a gospel and Acts of the Apostles?
  27. What man was selected to fill Judas’ place among the apostles and how was he selected?
  28. How many people gathered for 10 days of prayer in the upper room?
  29. How many souls were saved on the Day of Pentecost?
  30. What two disciples healed a beggar at the Gate called Beautiful?
  31. What couple in the Jerusalem died after telling a falsehood about their contribution to the church?
  32. Who was the first martyr of the Christian faith?
  33. What man witnessed to the Ethiopian in a chariot on the road to Gaza?
  34. What was the reason for appointing 7 assistants in the early church?  What are these men called in our church and in what way do they serve?
  35. What Magician tried to purchase the power of the Holy Spirit from the Apostle Peter?
  36. In what city was Christ’s followers first called Christians?



       “ The Apostle Paul”

  1. State the following about Apostle Paul: birthplace, sect, citizenship, occupation, his teacher at Jerusalem, a relative in Jerusalem. See Acts 22.
  2. What part did Saul of Tarsus (Paul) play in the death of Stephen?
  3. Know the facts concerning Paul’s conversion.  See Acts 9
  4. How many missionary journeys did Paul make?  Name the last missionary journey and what happened to Paul at the end of this journey?
  5. Know the details of Paul’s imprisonment at Philippi and his experience with the jailer.
  6. What happen to Paul on his way to Damascus?
  7. Who did God send to Paul at the street called straight, and for what purpose did he go?




Questions (Study Guide) For Deacons Seeking Ordination


The Biblical Role of Deacons

The Purpose of deacons is to serve the Lord by conducting the caring ministry of the church- doing the work of benevolence visiting the church, being alert to the spiritual needs of the congregation- freeing the pastor to focus on prayer and the ministry of the Word, thus facilitating the spread of the gospel and promoting unity with the church. 


Questions for Deacons


  1. How many Books are in the Bible?          

A)           How many in Old Testament?                 

B)           How many in New Testament?                

  1. Read Acts 6: 1-7 about the first Deacons.

What are the qualifications listed for a deacon?

  1. Read I Timothy 3:1-16

What are some of the qualifications listed for a deacon?

  1. Read Romans 1:16 and define “gospel”
  2. A deacon is asked to serve by the church.
  3. Study the Church Covenant.
  4. Study The 13 Articles of Faith,

Be Able to Explain

Article #1, #5, and #7

(study Article #7 in Minute Book)

8.       Name the 3 Ordinances of the Church.


  1.      Read and study in  Mt. Union Minute Book

a)       Mt. Union Association By-laws & Resolutions,

b)           Presbytery Resolutions, By-laws of the Presbytery, Constitution of the Presbytery

  1. 10.      Read in Usage and Doctrine Book

a)            Duties of the Church, page 32

b)           Duties of the Officers, pages 33-35

c)            Government of the Church, pages 36-38

d)            Church Finances, pages 94-97       

e)            Pastor and Deacons, pages 99-101

11.     We, the committee, urge our churches to supply their deacon candidate for ordination with: Doctrine and Usage Book, Minute Book, and Robert’s Rules of Order.